On The Way To AKE 2.0 (English)

AKE has been supplying leading machine manufacturer Biesse as an original equipment manufacturer of tools for a considerable time now. Biesse is extremely satisfied — both with the type 0024 saw blade for wooden materials and the AKE Bombastic saw blade for plastic. Biesse is currently pufting the panel sizing saw blade 2.0 through ist paces. Initial findings are expected to be presented at Ligna 2017.

Biesse is one of the world‘s leading companies in the woodworking machinery sector. Their subsidiaries and production sites are available to customers around the world, ensuring that they do not have to go through any intermediaries. The integrated problem-solving approach that inspires all of Biesse‘s work is just as, if not more, crucial to achieving success. This means that carpenters, joiners and large-scale industry alike benefit from a sophisticated full range. Machines are supplied for the furniture, doors and windows segments, as well as wooden components for the construction industry.

For the past few years, Biesse has also been making its presence felt in the rapidly growing plastic processing market with specially designed machine solutions. With the Selco series, Biesse has managed to cover an enormous range of panel sizing systems for virtually any requirement. Anything is possible — from simple panel saws with mechanical feed to a production center with simultaneous multi-operation machining and an extremely short processing time.

Every component is painstakingly developed, constructed and tested before being used by the customer. The requirements placed on suppliers are just as high, particularly where the core of a system —the saw blade - is concerned. When the tests for Biesse original equipment with saw blades were completed for the Selco manufacturers are looking for: An extremely long tool life, flexible options for use in many materials, the best cutting quality, quiet and energy-efficiency work and an exceilent price/performance ratio.


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